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Model for Community Engagement in Rubin Observatory Commissioning Science Validation

  • Rubin Observatory System Integration Test
  • Commissioning Team
  • Community Engagement Team
  • Operations Executive Team


We propose a model for collaboration between the Vera C. Rubin Observatory and the science community to enhance science validation activities during commissioning. Commissioning data products will be made available to members of the science community in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) in the form of Data Previews, with general user support provided by the Community Engagement Team. In addition, the Rubin Observatory is planning incremental releases of commissioning data products in the RSP that would be accessible on a faster timescale and on a less supported basis to facilitate rapid iterative evaluation of scientific performance by Project staff and science community members.

With the start of bulk data collection, the Rubin Observatory Commissioning team plans to organize regular meetings with science community members to share updates on data collection and processing, science performance analysis progress, suggest investigations, and collect feedback from the science community. Reports submitted by the science community will be used to develop the agenda for these meetings and to inform ongoing commissioning and early operations activities.